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Meet Cheli Grace

I love to speak publicly and create action. But I didn't just wake up one day ready to get on stage and speak. I was shy as a kid and it took alot of practice for me to stand up and say something in an audience. Being an educational leader gave me confidence and threw me into situations that got me into immediate action - the action took over and wouldn't let me think about being nervous even though I was.

I was able to take my leadership, management and communication skills into a new level when I came across the work of Carolyn Myss. I was fortunate enough to join her last 2 year CMED class on Sacred Contracts, Archetypes and a whole lot more! It which taught me a whole bunch about myself, leading my teams and Archetypal language. Needless to say this program changed my life. I became certified as an Archetypal Consultant but put that on hold as I continued to navigate my day to day operations of Leadership, Management and Communication as part of my high profile job. I weaved what I had learned and became a better leader and better communicator but it was not until now that I have come full circle and integrated it all into one.

Our world has changed. What we say now is more important than ever. As we transition and move our companies and our leadership forward the WORDS that we say need to inspire and ignite creativity, hope and value. A WORD can change a life. A presentation can give HOPE and an IDEA can give someone a profitable business.

When I did the interview "Taking About Success" with Jack Canfield, December of 2019, I shared with him my vision of sharing knowledge with others. Why I wrote my first book which turned into six and the action behind it. Sharing my knowledge and helping others has always been my passion.

If you have passion and want to share something with others that will teach and bring them value then you are an expert. The topics are limitless. Don't let anyone stop you from your passion and from what you are meant to do. Now more than ever you need to start your online business or if you are online, scale it into being sustainable.

Online marketing is changing and the power of virtual connections will determine how successful you will be. We all have those connections through our social media channels, our friends and family. you create your presentation, speak online, show up and create action for others will determine how successful your business will be. Will you have crickets or raving fans that are loyal and stand behind you as an expert?

I love to share my experiences, strategies and secret tips to help others on their journey and I would love to help YOU.

What has she done?

Cheli Grace has over 20 years of experience in practical leadership, sales and training. She managed teams of 150+ employees while being responsible for an operational budget of over $10 million dollars. She has studied Leadership at Harvard University as well as FIU School of Business. She has been involved in direct sales since the age of 19. As a mom of two school-aged kids, and to understand the School Choice movement, she did extensive research and shared her experience, expertise and findings through a company she created called Eduville, Inc. Later establishing an online presence - providing information and coaching to parents. As a result she became an industry expert and thought leader appearing on national news, publishing a 6-book series with Wiley, speaking on stages, podcasts and getting featured in magazines.

Cheli Grace transitioned from education to business. She became an Executive Coach and Sales Trainer and created her company PowerU.P.!. to increase performance in individuals and corporations through group, individual and corporate training. Her current clients include CEO’s MBA Professionals, Corporations and Professional Business Owners. She continuously gives back to aspiring students as an adjunct professor, guest speaker and mentor at her local universities.

True success takes ACTION! Cheli looks forward to sharing with you all of her experiences to help you transition and navigate your career, business and life in todays new emerging world.


The world has changed.

We have gone from living freely to social distancing.

Jobs are on hold. People are scared. But you need to take control. The best way to do this is to start online with a program, a sytem, a course...I am here to help you to teach and share so you can not only survive but THRIVE.

What are you waiting for? It's TIME.


Let me share with you what I was up to......

I had just finished taping and being a guest on Jack's new show Talking About Success. I have known Jack since the mid 2000's where we met through mutual friends at Book Expo. We quickly caught up and talked about how much the world had changed since that day and how having connections through friends, business associates, and communities is what makes successful business thrive and survive.

Little did we both know that our world would quickly change as it has. Check out my segment that I did with Jack on Talking About Success below!

If you are looking to transition online, expand your visibility, communicate powerfully and increase your results...LET’S TALK!

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