Hi, I’m Cheli Grace, an Educator, Entrepreneur, Professional Business Strategist  + Media Strategist, 6X Wiley Author, Professional Speaker, CEO, and Ultimate Optimist. I have dedicated my life to helping others bring out their very best.

I help you write a book from your superpower, publish it and create a Million Dollar Roadmap so you that can scale your business with recurring revenue. I provide you with a consistent, expressive, focused, simplistic, strategic plan to get it done!

This is the power of my Book to Millions™ coaching program.

I help you create massive impact and influence, getting you noticed and known. The question is…are you ready to own your power and share it with the world?

You see, I know how hard it can be to have a dream. To start that dream and want to share your ideas, knowledge or services with the world – but, when no one knows who you are, it can be extremely difficult. I can help – Let’s Talk!

I am a former school principal and CEO and created my company to help you grow your business by getting YOU in front of your ideal clients by writing YOUR BOOK – yes Book to Millions™ is what this is all about. Share your message with Millions and create a Million Dollar Roadmap for your business from your book.

My story….I was there. When I was a teacher and administrator I wanted to help parents understand school choice so I wrote a book. When I started connecting with others I began to create impact and influence in what I was doing…little did I know that my vision of writing a book would turn into a 6x book series with Wiley, get me into radio, magazines, podcasts, stages and an expert on National TV.

It had started as a SIDE HUSTLE. I had no idea what I was doing I just wanted to write a book. I was a mom of 2 school-aged kids and I had a full-time career being a CEO managing teams of 150+ employees with the responsibility of handling a 10 million dollar yearly budget. I wanted to share my knowledge and this SIDE HUSTLE exploded into a huge business.

You are in the right place because my passion now is to HELP YOU attract your ideal client, make a greater impact in the world, and make more money.

Hi! I’m Cheli

Cheli Grace will help you build a personalized Strategic Plan so you can:

  • Gain clarity into what you are doing to bring value to your customers.
  • Increase your productivity giving you more time in your day.
  • Learn the tools to gain a Millionaire Mindset.
  • Strategically grow your business and own your network in person and online with the right relationships.
  • Become known as an industry expert by leveraging online and offline media to get more publicity and convert interviews into web traffic and sales.

Published Author

When I was a teacher and administrator I wanted to help parents understand school choices and improve communication. So I wrote a book.

When I started connecting with others I began to create impact and influence in what I was doing.

Little did I know that my vision of writing a book would turn into a 6 book series with Wiley, get me into radio, magazines, podcasts and on stages.

I soon became a leading expert on national television. This is the power of creating a book and sharing your expertise to the world. You can view my published work via the link below.



Cheli Grace loves working with Entrepreneurs and CEO’s to help them share their message in a bigger way while create big business success. She helps them create influence through biz strategy, content strategy and execution. That means dollars in the bank and ideal clients galore.

How does she know how to do this? Because she did it for herself.

She became an industry expert and thought leader without hiring a PR company, or being in the media. You see, at the time she was managing a team of 150+ employees and had a 10 million dollar yearly budget. She was great at business operations and management but she wanted to share her industry knowledge and provide information to help others. Because of her experience she knew that true success comes from creating a plan and having a system. She started to write a book that turned into a 6- book series (with a 6-figure advance from Wiley), she became a regular expert on national news, was featured in magazines, podcasts and radio shows and before she could even say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPILALIDOCIOUS she had a huge following of raving fans who were her ideal clients. This business was her side hustle and now it has become her full-time passion!

True success takes a system, Cheli looks forward to teaching you all of her secrets hearing your success stories and possibly even featuring YOU in her next book!

Cheli Grace truly believes that we are all meant to live a life of unlimited potential, full of love, peace, joy and happiness shared with those we love while leaving a lasting legacy. The greatest problem that she has seen is overwhelm, burnout, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. Cheli has created a unique system that has helped simplify powering up to the next level of performance without stress and overwhelm and she is on a mission to share it with as many as possible.

If you are looking to increase your productivity, expand your visibility and skyrocket your results without having to work more hours, hire more staff or spend more money on marketing while having more time for yourself and your family…..



Cheli is one of those people whose professionalism and experience blow you away. She has accomplished so much, and she is still happy and willing to help others. She has helped me gain clarity on my business plan and messaging, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reach new business or personal goals.

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